Complete Life Cycle Support - from Feasibility to Installation to Ongoing Support.

Feasiblity and Analysis

We will begin with a in-depth look at the feasibility of the system you have in mind for your business.  This will be discussed with your team as we move forward through the analysis phase.  Our design model includes working closely with your team throughout the entire proposal process.

Training and Technology Transfer

We will train your staff, not just on the use of the software, but also on how to get the optimum results from your system. Our industry expertise will be transferred to you and your team at whatever level required.

Installation - Team Work

Our team of IT Professionals will install the system on the Hardware or Cloud Platform of your choice and ensure that it is functioning at its optimum level.  On site, or at regularly scheduled virtual meetings, we will work with your team to ensure the implementation is a success.

Continuing Support

Our services don’t end with the successful implementation of a system.  We are your partners going forward.  Ensuring you continue to reap the benefits of the new system. We include all updates to 3rd party switch technologies as part of our service.  As the 3rd party applications you have integrated with grow or advance, we make sure your application is in sync with them.