Creative Money-Making Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Point Advantage (LPA) is a turnkey suite of travel services which—when deployed in a loyalty management system—can improve customer retention, increase sales, and enhance consumer satisfaction.

Increase Loyalty by Offering Attractive Travel Options

Loyalty Point Advantage (LPA) is an advanced, comprehensive suite of travel services created for loyalty management providers. LPA is an individualized loyalty point redemption application for exchanging across-the-board travel inventory, client-specific merchandise, or travel gift certificates—all in an easy to use web application.

Our process makes loyalty clients feel as if the points being used to purchase travel products is actually cash. There are no airline restrictions, blackouts, or hidden charges—and taxes are even included in the final point total.

Flexible & Versatile

LPA is unique because it can integrate with non-travel applications such as client databases, mid and back office accounting systems, and other merchandising applications. This flexibility allows for creativity in how the system is used. LPA can also be integrated with existing merchandising applications, gift card apps, membership programs, concierge services, and other products and services.

LPA’s versatility includes managing loyalty point databases and providing reports on key usage items, such as number of website hits, areas of interest by user, and most popular products. We offer a complete set-up for the supplier-side and fulfillment for each of the items used for redeeming points (i.e. direct connectivity to the GDS for travel inventory and/or connectivity to the certified travel fulfillment facility).