About Us

Our Mission

3WAI was created in 2002 to help companies transition to the business-side of the internet.  Our mandate is to help companies re-tool internal applications to offer them to the global community more readily; to leverage the internet and promote business through innovative, unique eCommerce Platforms.

Our Expertise

We are travel industry technology experts.  That’s all we do.  If you have a travel business, and the applications you are using need to be updated to today’s universal access methodologies; we can help. We specialize in complex application merges – integration to more than one GDS; interfacing to another travel inventory switch. If you have a business application that needs to be married to another application – or several other applications – to get into an eCommerce business environment; we can help.

More Information

To set-up a call regarding any of our products and services, please email: info@3wai.ca

Our Software Solutions and Services

We specialize in custom software application development, and data & application integration, for the travel industry.

We have software license solutions for both Travel and Loyalty.